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Proper Legal Help

No couple gets married immediately thinking about divorce, but it unfortunately does happen. If you find yourself in such a situation, how do you look for proper legal representation?

Child Custody

Your Rights

As a parent, you want nothing more than to ensure the well-being of your children, especially in the wake of a separation or a divorce. By the same token, you don't want to see your rights as a parent diminished.

Child Visitation

Time You Deserve

Related to physical custody is Child Visitation, which refers to the time the non-custodial parent or a non-parent (such as a grandparent) spends with the children. Child Visitation modifications can be done by us.


Your Obligation

When marital misconduct is committed by one or both spouses, alimony is awarded by the court. In North Carolina, a twelve-month separation is required prior to starting the divorce proceedings.

C. Wayne Heasley Attorney At Law

In the Charlotte area, turn to C. Wayne Heasley, Attorney at Law. He established his own legal firm to guide clients throughout the area, who are facing the turmoil and legal uncertainty of family law. His 30-plus years of experience include four years as a North Carolina District Court judge, where he gained a unique perspective on how both family and cases unfolded.

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If you're going to or are about to go through a family law case, you can arrange a free confidential consultation with our office. C. Wayne Heasley is an experienced family law lawyer who can give you the best legal advice there is in Charlotte North Carolina.

"We can provide you with a free and confidentioal evaluation."

Our History


New Website

C. Wayne Heasley launched new website.


Former District Judge

State of North Carolina District Court, District 26, District Court Judge


Opening new office

Our new office opened up to serve to the public.

Key Points

Family Law

C. Wayne Heasley specializes in divorce, child custody, and all family law issues.

Best Case Stratergy

C. Wayne Heasley conducts one-on-one sessions with clients to ensure that we extract every detail about the case with them.

Experienced Attorney

C. Wayne Heasley has more than thirty years of experience with family law.




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