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About Us

About Us

C. Wayne Heasley Law Firm

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Family Law Cases

C. Wayne Heasley offers legal assistance for family law cases in Charlotte North Carolina. He has more than three decades’ worth of experience representing clients. The emotional aspect of going through a separation or a divorce is already enough to handle, so let an experience family law attorney take care of all the legal detail.

We here at C. Wayne Heasley Law Firm have handled numerous family law cases. Whether it is divorce settlement or child custody, C. Wayne Heasley can easily walk you through this stressful steps of your life.

C. Wayne Heasley Law Firm clearly understands that while dealing with a legal case, your life can become stationary. To make you move on as soon as possible, we can serve as your legal representatives. This way we can help you have the case be on your side as highly as possible.

We offer a Free Consultation with C. Wayne Heasley. You can call us at 704-595-9277 or fill the form out on the contact page to make an appointment with us.

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Child Custody


C. Wayne Heasley has more than 30 years of experience in handling divorce cases. In North Carolina, divorce cases can be even more complicated than usual because the state requires that spouses live separate and apart for 12 months. After meeting the requirements of a separation, that is the only time that the process of filing for a divorce begins.

Child Custody Modifications

Although the ultimate goal of child custody hearings is not to let a separation or divorce adversely affects the well-being of children, there are times when the original order needs to be changed. The courts assume that children benefit from having a positive relationship with both parents, as well as having a familiar home.

Child Support

Often child support is determined by keeping in view the financial status of each parent. In North Carolina, the basis of child support is that the child should continue to receive the same amount of share from each parent as he would if they had lived together.


Alimony is given when marital misconduct is committed by one or both spouses, then in that case alimony is awarded by the court.




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